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Things that I do at Warrnambool Collage

Nerve Tester

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Does the game work? Why or why not? No, because the leg (from one of the LED`s) broke after I had glued it all down, checked that it was working soldered every thing in to place and then to find out it had broken, BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!! (not).

If you made any changes to your design please describe what they where and why? The change that I made was the colour, because I wasn’t liking the colour of my original design and I thought it would be nice to try something different.

  What could you do to improve your design? make the wire a bit neater

What was the easiest part when constructing the game and why? Painting because I new what I was doing

 What was the most difficult part when constructing the game and why? Knowing where everything was meant to go


Multiple Intelligents

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I completed a survey which said that my strenghths are visual/spatial (picture smart), kinaesthetic (body smart) and naturalistic (nature smart)

I agree with this because, I want to be a wildlife photographer (picture and nature smart), and if I am good and love to go long distant running. The best that i have done in long distnce running is 5km in around 30 minutes (thats 5 – 6 minute per km).

The most interesting thing about this is that I have more than one strength.

Hints for effective Google searches

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In class today we learnt about how to do an effective google search.These are some of the hints that we learnt:

1. Search what you are looking for in the least amount of words. Here is an example instead of writing, ‘what is the cheetahs top speeds’, you might write, ‘cheetahs top speed’ or, ‘cheetah speeds’

2. Try to use words that will be in the answer of you question.

3. DO NOT write the question.

If you have any more hints please feel free to share them 🙂 (:


Another great blog by my friend Hannah

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I found this blog by my friend Hannah. I loved it and I thought you would like to see what she has done so far.http://hannahwblcoll.global2.vic.edu.au/

testing image upload

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A random pictureJust testing to see if I can successfuly upload an image. The first one didn`t work


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